What (and Who) is The Policy Nut?


The Policy Nut is a blog that focuses on environmental and food policy. Right now, we live in a crucial moment in time. Species extinction is at an unprecedented rate, climate change threatens to put countries underwater, and our population is skyrocketing. For these reasons (and many more), political and economic decisions will have far-reaching consequences on humans and the planet. 

My goal is to investigate these issues and foster discussions around the political decisions being made to fix them.

My name is Aaron Brodkey, a senior at the University of Michigan. I am an Environmental Policy major and Sustainable Food Systems minor. My passion for sustainability came after I discovered the connection between the food we eat and its impact on our environment. Before shifting my education from medicine to environmental policy, I was utterly unaware of the environmental crisis; I had not heard much about issues like climate change or species extinction. Furthermore, I knew little about the political decisions being made on these pressing issues. Once I learned about the gravity of the matter, my life flipped on its head. Now, I look to educate myself on these issues and propagate that information to others. 

I hope you will join me every week for a new blog post on a pressing issue in environmental politics!